Pier One Credit Card

Any time that you think to go shopping at Pier 1 stores it's probably not because of the wonder cashiers though that would be a plus. You are probably more concerned with the great deals on the home furnishings that you know and love. If have thought about getting their Pier One Credit Card it's probably not because you love how easy the process is to get one, though that would also be nice. When you think about getting that Pier One Credit Card, you more likely want to see just how much you are going to benefit from having it altogether.

There are some people who tend to turn up their noses at the Pier One Credit Card by saying that the benefits are just too small for them. We would love to ask those same people if they would expect the company to just give away all of their wonderful merchandise and then cease to exist. Businesses have to make money and Pier 1 is no exception to that rule of thumb. The things that they offer happen to be some of the best in their industry actually. Only someone who frequently shops at Pier 1 would be able to fully understand and appreciate the value of the Pier One Credit Card. When you understand that you are getting $50 back every time that you spend $1,000 then you know it's not really about the money. What it's really about is Pier 1 doing something to show a small token of appreciation to its most loyal customers and big spenders. You could argue with that but it wouldn't really do much good when it seems they aren't planning to change it any time soon. Not to mention the fact that they didn't have to do anything at all but they wanted to offer some incentives and they did anyway.


If you are concerned more about the benefits of the Pier One Credit Card then you will be happy to see and appreciate anything that they have to offer their loyal customers. When you are getting invites to exclusive sales and given exclusive coupons that the general public doesn't have, you should know you are having a better shopping experience than most people who only shop Pier One on occasion and have no Pier One Credit Card.

The only biggest thing we can think to warn you about is their APR. You should always be very careful when charging things that you will have to pay on later. If you ever miss payments or carry balances over from month to month it will surely catch up to you in the worst way. We always aim to make sure that you have the full truth at all times regarding anything mentioned on this site. Therefore, we must warn you to beware of the APR for the Pier One Credit Card. Most cards of this kind all have high interest rates. Just make sure that you pay attention to your spending and your billing so that you will always be able to take advantage of your Pier One Credit Card when you really need it the most.